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Do You Need a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract?

Let's keep it real again today. Do you need a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract to do business with the Federal Government? No.

Reasons you should NOT pursue a GSA MAS contract:

➡ You see posts / ads on LinkedIn saying you need a GSA schedule. (You don't NEED one to be successful.)

➡ FOMO. (Do you do make other business decisions based on this? No. Enough said here.)

➡ You have no established agency contacts or relationships. (It is not a "build it and they will come" tool. You still need to market it and that means relationship building.)

➡ You don't know what is purchased on MAS, which agencies are buying what you sell (if they are buying), or potential competitors MAS pricing. (Do your homework!)

➡ You haven't read the solicitation or know what a Category, SIN, or ODC or OLM is. (Again, do your homework!)

➡ Limited administrative resources to complete compliance and reporting in a timely manner. (Don't get in over your head! Have the resources you need to manage a schedule contract BEFORE you get it.)

You must meet sales thresholds in order to keep your contract active and it is up to you to do all the marketing of the contract vehicle. GSA MAS Schedules are simply ONE TOOL in the Government's vast toolbox to procure products and services. Also, NOT ALL products and services can be procured under GSA MAS Schedules.

When should you pursue a GSA MAS Schedule?

✅ Take the GSA Pathways to Success training and see if this contract tool is a fit for your business.

✅ Take the GSA Readiness Assessment.

✅ Understand the GSA MAS Roadmap .

✅ Review what it takes to submit an offer using the checklist at the bottom of the webpage.

✅ After you've actual read the solicitation. And, yes, I mean the ENTIRE solicitation.

Find each of these assessment tools at this link.

Know what you're getting in to and before you sign on that dotted line with a consultant that is promising you riches via a GSA MAS Schedule, especially if you are new to Federal contracting.

Can it be a great option? Absolutely! But only when it MAKES SENSE in your Federal contracting journey.

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