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Our template library is continually updated and includes documents used across multiple Federal agencies by Contracting Officers and Prime Contractors.  Each document incorporates best practices and the latest FAR guidance. 

Primes - Engage the Government before and during contract performance. Standardizes communications to improve consistency in prime / sub communications. 

Subcontractors -- Initiate action with your prime to streamline operations.  


Each fill-in-the-blank template is downloadable in Microsoft Word format and can be tailored to your specific contract needs.  Templates are priced per download (no returns). 

Consent to Subcontract

Everything you need to establish a request for Consent to Subcontract. Checklists, sample letters, operating procedures, and simplified Purchase versus Lease Analysis.

Contract Closeout

Wrap up contract performance quickly and easily.

Use of Government Sources

Did you know that Subpart 51 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) allows contractors to use government supply sources in some instances?  We have the templates you need to start the process rolling.

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