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What's in a Name?

I was recently asked how I chose my business name, Federal Subcontract Solutions. The name describes my life and career as well as my goals as a now small business owner.

I chose "Federal" because it's where I've spent my entire adult life. I was a very young Army wife in 1983 and landed my first Federal job in 1987. I served without a break in service (including a deployment to Afghanistan) until recently. My now hubby is a Marine and retired Fed, my son-in-law is active duty, and my daughter is a VA employee. Public service is and always has been a central part of my life both personally and professionally.

I chose "Subcontract" because I want to focus my support primarily on small businesses. Small businesses often enter the Federal marketplace as subcontractors and seek help understanding Federal processes and their responsibilities as Tier 1 subs. Those same small businesses grow into new prime contractors that often look for help understanding pre-award teaming, offer/evaluation/award, post award performance and compliance, and management of subcontractors. My clients most often come to me for development of teaming, joint venture, and tailored subcontract agreements and advice / assistance during offer, performance, and close out phases.

I chose "Solutions" because I have a unique 360 degree viewpoint based on the positions I've held in my career. It is my goal to leverage that and my 35+ years of experience to be a reliable and trusted solution-finder and resource for small businesses.

I chose my trade name, "FedSubK", because it is the annotation I used in my notes when meeting with small businesses that held a subcontract (subk) under a federal (fed) contract but was actively trying to bridge from subcontractor to prime contractor. It's the pocket where the most growth can occur, the biggest learning curve is found, and where I hope to do the most good.

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