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SBA's FY22 Small Business Procurement Scorecard: Government Gets an "A" While Missing Goals

SBA issued its FY2022 Small Business Procurement Scorecard today. The Government gave itself an "A" grade while continuing to miss several prime and subcontracting goals.


❗WOSBs and HUBZones continued to get left behind on prime contract awards in FY2022.

WOSBs: goal 5%; actual 4.57%

HUBZone SBs: goal 3%; actual 2.65%

❗SDBs, SDVOSBs, and HUBZones did not realize adequate subcontracting opportunities in FY2022.

SDBs: goal 5%, actual 4.55%

SDVOSBs: goal 3%, actual 2.16%

HUBZone SBs: goal 3%, actual 1.68%.

❗The number of small business prime contractors decreased in the following categories:

Small Businesses: ⬇ 4.22% (2,758) from 65,428 to 62,670

WOSBs: ⬇ 2.43% (324) from 13,311 to 12,987

SDVOSBs: ⬇ 2.52% (138) from 5,479 to 5,341

HUBZone SBs: ⬇ 2.07% (59) from 2,849 to 2,790

⚠ Historical WOSB Goal Achievement:

While WOSBs received almost $2B more in prime contract awards in FY2022, it also marked the 15th year out of 17 in which the WOSB prime contracting goal of 5% was not achieved (FYs2015 and 2019 being the only years it was met).


👏 SDVOSB Primes: Prime contract obligations to SDVOSBs increased by 0.16% over FY2021 and put $3.1B more in the hands of our veteran business owners. Bravo!

👏 SDB Primes: The increased goal and emphasis on prime contract obligations to SDBs in FY2022 worked! The goal for FY2022 was raised from 5% to 11% governmentwide and was achieved, putting $7.5B more into the hands of SDBs between FY2021 and FY2022.

(P.S. Let's keep up the challenge to Federal agencies with some of the other socio-economic categories, U.S. Small Business Administration! How about a WOSB and HUBZone SB next?!)

The Scorecard: Access the FY2022 Small Business Procurement Scorecard (and the individual agency scorecards -- not yet loaded, but expected soon) here.

Additional Scorecard Info:

➡ Both prime contract achievement rates include double credit for local-area set-asides, Puerto Rico, and territory awards as allowed by Section 15(f) and 15(x) of the Small Business Act adding $2.6B, $1.8B, $0.34B, $0.26B, and $0.76B to the governmentwide Small Business, SDB, WOSB, SDVOSB, and HUBZone SB totals, respectively.

➡ Both prime and subcontracting achievement rates include Department of Energy (DOE) Management & Operations (M&O) first-tier subcontracts are counted as prime contracts for purposes of the scorecard as allowed under Section 15(g)(3) of the Small Business Act adding $6.9B, $1.4B, $1.3B, $0.64B, and $0.61B in Small Business, SDB, WOSB, SDVOSB, and HUBZone SB dollars, respectively, from subcontract totals to prime contract totals.

➡ Beginning with the FY2022 scorecard, SBA disregarded deobligations totaling $7.6B, $2.0B, $1.0B, $0.41B, $0.44B, and $0.20B from awards to Small Businesses, SDBs, WOSBs, SDVOSBs, and HUBZone SBs, respectively, when the deobligation was made at least one fiscal year following the last positive obligation. (See SBA's Federal Register Notice 87 FR 37371 dated 6/22/2022 for details.)

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