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SBA Connect Enhances Access to DSBS

SBA has enhanced the access portal to DSBS for small businesses. You can now access your SBA profile and DSBS record from SBA Connect (

-- Click on "External Users - Sign in with".

-- Click "Accept" for Terms and Conditions".

-- Enter your user ID and password. Complete the multi-factor authentication.

-- Once at your Dashboard, click on "Profile" from the top menu bar to update information, as needed. NOTE: You cannot update your email address in your profile. Click on the link in the Profile page to add a new email to your account before continuing.

-- To request DSBS access, click on "Access" from the top menu bar.

- Click on the "+" next to DSBS.

- Click on the box next to "DSBS Profile" so it is filled by a checkmark.

- Enter your entity's Unique Entity Identifier (UEI).

- Hit return to submit.

Your request will be pending review of your UEI against an existing SBA record (created when you complete your SAM registration). You will receive an email once your access is granted.

You can also request access to Sub-Net (postings of subcontract opportunities) and HUBZone Portal (applicants for or already certified) following these instructions above and choosing those options instead. SBA Connect is also the home of the Disaster Loan Assistance Portal and Boots to Business Management Portal. The SBA Connect user manual can be found here:

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