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GSA Extends Certain EPA Clause Limitations Moratorium Through December 31, 2024

Updated: Apr 5

FANTASTIC NEWS for GSA Schedule Holders! GSA's moratorium on enforcement of certain Economic Price Adjustment (EPA) clause limitations that were set to expire on March 31, 2024 were again extended through December 31, 2024.

This means that until December 31, 2024, GSA Schedule Holders can--

  • Propose aggregate price increases exceeding the EPA percentage;

  • Request price increases less than 30 days apart;

  • Request more than three (3) price increases in a contract period; and

  • Add an item back in at a higher price than when it was removed.

In GSA's decision, it determined that even with recent numbers suggestion that inflation is trending downward, "...the need for this temporary moratorium continues, as supply chain shortages and price volatility continue to negatively impact the global economy."

Find Acquisition Letter MV-22-02 and Supplements 1-4 issuing and extending the moratorium here.

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