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New SAM Purpose of Registration Workflow (5/26/2023)

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

The System for Award Management (SAM) launched an updated registration workflow for new entity registration and renewals/updates.

❓ Why the change? You may be surprised to know that state and local governments as well as other organizations strongly encourage and even mandate that businesses register in SAM, even though those businesses will not be doing business directly with the Federal Government or receive any Federal funds.

💡 State and local government leverage the capabilities of SAM to check pending/completed proceedings, prohibitions or restrictions (i.e., suspensions and debarments), or delinquent debt subject to the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) for their funding actions and contracts. It's a huge time-saver for them and is readily available.

The Federal Government will now better understand why entities choose to register and what drivers are behind registration, if any. Based on the entity's answers, SAM provides recommended registration paths and a list of the steps required for each. Entities choose the path they want and continue forward. Existing registrants will also need to make these selections at the time of their next update/renewal.

SAM Intent of Registration Workflow Updates 5-26-2023
Download PDF • 939KB

What else do I need to know?

  • Your answers to these two new questions are anonymous and not recorded on your entity record.

  • No matter how you answer the questions, you can choose any of the options.

  • You only need to answer the questions once per entity. When you update or renew in the future, you won’t have to answer them again.

GSA IAE wants your feedback! Share your thoughts on the new pages by emailing or by using the feedback tool at the bottom of every page.

Have questions about SAM? Ask FedSubK! We have a SME on staff that can help.

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