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Contracting Teaming Agreements (CTAs) and GSA Schedules (FAR 8.403(b))

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Are you a small business with GSA Schedule that is looking for ways to increase your market share and become more competitive? A Contractor Team Arrangement (or CTA) might be a solution!

A Contractor Team Arrangement (or CTA) is a special ordering procedure under FAR 8.403(b) in which two or more GSA schedule holders with complimentary services team to provide a total solution on an order where, individually, they may not otherwise qualify. This differs from the definition of Contractor Team Arrangements under FAR 9.6, which does not apply to contractor teaming under GSA Schedules.

CTAs are different than joint ventures in that no separate legal entity is formed, and all members are equal parties to the contract (no prime/sub relationships). Characteristics of CTAs are:

  • Each member of the CTA must have a GSA Schedule and abide by all terms and conditions of their respective contracts.

  • Each member of the CTA has privity of contract with the Government for the work they perform.

  • Members of the CTA invoice at their GSA Schedule rates, as agreed on the order.

  • CTAs comprised of small businesses require that all CTA members meet the socioeconomic status for any set-aside and are compliant with limitations on subcontracting.

The CTA submits a CTA Agreement with their offer outlining, at minimum, the—

  • Duration,

  • Team leader (i.e., contractor designated as the leader of the CTA), contract number, and contact info,

  • Contractor team members, contract numbers, points of contact, and any limitations of responsibilities,

  • Roles and responsibilities of members and the portion of the work each member will perform in the solution provided,

  • CTA members’ concurrence with the method of payment (i.e., Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card, EFT, etc.),

  • Understanding of the legal relationship each CTA member has with the Government (i.e., each is a “prime” for the portion of the work they perform),

  • Delivery responsibilities by CTA member,

  • Handling of confidential or proprietary information and related rights,

  • When and how CTA team members may be replaced,

  • Under whose name the Government shall evaluate performance in CPARS,

  • IFF tracking and payment responsibilities of each CTA member, and

  • Order processing procedures.

The Government will code the award data in the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS, which feeds into based on the CO’s determination of the one contractor that realizes the preponderance of the revenue for the order.

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