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FAS Catalog Platform (FCP) Replaces the Common Catalog Platform (CCP) Process on 9/30/2023

GSA Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) is launching the FAS Catalog Platform (FCP) (previously called the Common Catalog Platform, or CCP) to replace its Schedules Input Platform (SIP). This comes ahead of the decommissioning of the Acquisition Gateway on 9/30/2023.

The biggest changes as part of the FCP launch that will impact current & new GSA Schedule Holders are:

➡️ Integrating with eMod & FSS Online, linking catalog actions to contract modifications through the FCP,

➡️ Use of a new Product File, which consolidates and combines the current Products Price Proposal Template (PPT) fields with the fields required for selling items on GSA Advantage!.

➡️ Providing the Compliance & Pricing (C&P) Report directly to vendors for addressing deficiencies prior to modification submission,

➡️ Requiring modifications for Temporary Price Reduction (TPR) actions,

➡️ Publishing deletions from GSA Advantage while awaiting approval, and

➡️ Introducing a new on-screen Seller Profile for managing vendor information published to GSA Advantage.

Currently, the FCP is being piloted with vendors who hold the Office Supplies 4th Generation (OS4) Special Item Number (SIN). Following a successful pilot, Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) vendors will be transitioned in waves, timeframe and order to be determined.

Authorized Negotiators of record for each Schedule contract will be contacted about the FCP transition. If you are a current/new GSA Schedule Holder, be sure emails from do not go to spam.

I highly recommend vendors join the Catalog Management Interact Page at to ensure receipt of the latest info.

A list of FAQs on the FCP can be found at

A demo video and other training on the FCP can be found at

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