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FedSubK In Action

Click on the image to access each event. Video events are free unless otherwise noted.

The first in a FedSubK Series on empowering your small business as it starts its Federal Contracting journey. Haven't had a free 30 minute consultation with FedSubK yet? Get the tips and focus areas you need to as FedSubK's founder, Shauna Weatherly, shares from her experiences over three decades of Federal service in the acquisition workforce. 

In this hour we bust GovCon myths, discuss the three P's (Policy, Process, and People), understand the "must-take" steps as you start this journey, emphasize the need to be persistent and patient, and why it is important to think beyond the win. You'll hear what Contracting Officers want you to know and get an introduction to your one-stop resource to learn more.  

(June 2024) 


Read about initiatives and changes in the GSA Schedules program on tap for FY2024 and beyond in this interview hosted by iQuasar with Shauna Weatherly, FedSubK.

Shauna's experience as a provider of support services helping businesses acquire and update their Schedule contracts, as a Senior Contracting Officer performing quality control on Schedule awards, and her experience using Schedules for over 25 years provides some of the background for this discussion. 

(June 2024) 

G2Xchange's Synergy Lunch & Learn featuring Alexa Tsui (host and COO), William Randolph, Founder & CEO of, and Shauna Weatherly, FedSubK, discusses why having a micropurchase strategy for the Federal marketplace is key to building agency relationships, gaining experience in the Federal space, and influencing future opportunities. 

We go over what micropurchases are, how the Government Purchase Card ("P-Card") is used to acquire these small buys, how to create opportunities, and the types of services that lend themselves to micropurchases. 

In FY2023, agencies procured over $12.1B using this purchase method. Get a piece of that pie with our tips. 


(May 2024) 

GovCon Giants and host Randie Ward, President of AlchemyGov, invited Shauna Weatherly, FedSubK, for an information-filled hour to discuss recent policy changes impacting construction contractors in the Federal marketplace. Our discussion also includes tips on how to approach Federal buyers in target agencies and understanding compliance requirements after you get that first "win".



(May 2024) 

Derrich Phillips, Certified CMMC Assessor and President of Aspire Cyber, hosted Shauna Weatherly, FedSubK, to talk about rulemaking and the DoD's Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and Federal Contracting.

Learn about the latest developments on the topic of CMMC and get sound advice for businesses navigating the Federal marketplace.


(April 2024) 

GovBrief P-Card.png

Join David Lowe, CEO of GovBrief, and Shauna Weatherly, FedSubK, as we talk about how Government Purchase Cards ("P-Cards") work, cover terminology, purchase limits, ordering procedures, how to find Government P-Card holders and marketing to agencies for micropurchases.

Cost: $225 (Includes video, handouts, and linked to join GovBrief Monday Roundtables. Valid for 30-days from purchase.) 


(March 2024) 

Judy Bradt Picture Webinar.png

Join Judy Bradt, CEO of Summit Insight, and Shauna Weatherly, FedSubK, as we discuss ways to find the best opportunities for your company, how important relationships are in marketing to Federal agencies, knowing when to say no to opportunities, and take the FOMO out of your Federal marketing strategy. 

This webinar offers practical advice on how to develop your bid/no-bid strategy in the Federal space. 

(March 2024) 

Jacob Hill, Founder of GRC Academy and Shauna Weatherly, FedSubK, discuss how Federal rulemaking occurs.

We cover the processes, players, and layers in Federal rulemaking as well as timelines for governmentwide and agency rules, such as DoD's Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). We also touch on two important Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) rules and what they mean to you.

Click here to access GRC's CMMC Overview Training for Defense Contractors (DIB) course.


(December 2023) 

NOTE: Users are advised to read the event information in detail at the links provided. FedSubK makes no promises or claims related to the availability of the events listed which are hosted by vendors other than FedSubK. Events are subject to removal by the hosting service / vendor. Links may be changed without notice. Use of links is at the User's own risk. 

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