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Federal Marketing Action Plan

What's Included:

Get the perspectives of two experts -- a former Government Contracting Officer and FAR Policy Expert and an Industry Data Analysis Expert -- over the course of three (3) weekly one-on-one sessions. Sessions are 2.5 hours duration each and delivered by Zoom, with a presentation and recording for your use later.
Sessions are: 
  • Know the Game! -- Learn the critical elements of federal contracting with our experienced trainer and FedSubK. Understand key roles, concepts, and tools in the Federal acquisition process.
  • Know Your Federal Marketplace! -- Get a Federal Marketplace "Deep Dive" Analysis and comprehensive review with a Federal Sales Data Expert and FedSubK. Learn how to optimize, your capabilities statement, and website. Get info on your leading competitors in the Federal marketplace and current Federal opportunities in your industry.
  • Know Your Target Agencies! -- Receive an actionable marketing plan with strategies for up to five agencies (if available). Our Expert Analyst and FedSubK walk you through the plan and give you tips to maximize your new tool. 
This accelerated program takes the guesswork out of developing a Federal marketing strategy and what agencies to market to. In three easy steps you'll save months of work!
All inclusive price: $9,950.00

Requires 100% payment up front to guarantee your booking dates. Advance payment is due to the extent of the homework necessary to deliver the program and the three dates and times set aside for your training exclusively. Refunds are not provided; see our re-booking policy below. 


We do not charge re-booking fees. This is good news for you! If you or your team needs to re-book one of the meetings to a later date, we do not charge a re-booking fee. We understand emergencies, proposals, illness and client situations happen. Also, we ask you for the same courtesy that for any reason we need to re-book the meeting due to illness, family emergency or act of God, such as a fire, flood or power outage, we would simply re-book the meeting at a later time. Emergencies and last-minute proposal and client meetings happen. 


Booking on the calendarTypically we book three 2.5 hour meetings – three weeks in a row at the same time (i.e., Thursdays 9-11:30 ET). We’ll work with you and your team to get the three meetings on everyone’s calendar.


Dial In Meeting LogisticsOur Expert Sales Analyst and Trainer will provide a Zoom Meeting Link and the files for the meeting will be sent to the team the day prior to the event through a private Dropbox assigned to you. Everyone will need an internet connection, Word, Powerpoint, and Excel to participate fully. This information is typically delivered as a Zoom Meeting, but if your company would rather host and record it the session itself, that is completely acceptable. If you want to use GoToMeeting or WebEx or MS Teams, please send us a link to your meeting the day before each of our agreed upon meetings dates/times. 


Your Only Homework is a Questionnaire:  Upon payment, and in order to perform the competitive analysis, our Expert Sales Analyst will send you a questionnaire to complete. If needed, we’ll walk through it with you over the telephone. Please submit the questionnaire on time to retain your booking dates.

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