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Discover the advantage of using FedSubK as a a reliable partner. 
Select a task-based solution or let us tailor a support package scoped for your needs.

Be certain which provisions & clauses must flow down to your subs. 

Our Subcontract Agreements: 

Subcontract Agreements 

  • Are tailored to your prime contract, subcontract, or order.

  • Incorporate your general corporate terms and conditions.

  • Include all FAR and agency-specific clauses with applicability statements that outline the parameters of when and how they should flow down to subcontractors and to what tier.

  • Integrate agency-specific scope requirements.

  • Identify and resolve discrepancies between general corporate terms and conditions, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) provisions and clauses, and/or agency terms and conditions related to payment, communications, insurance, safety, security, liability, disputes, warranties, termination and more. 

  • For Indefinite Delivery Vehicles, agreements are designed to facilitate use with multiple subcontractors and across multiple orders, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient procurement process and lower risk.  

  • Also available for State and Local Government or other entity contracts. 


throughout the

Federal Contracting


Registration / Certification 

  • Registration and SBA Certification Coaching:  Answers to your registration & certification questions. Using our direct experience work in the office and SBA's checklists, we walk you through the documentation required to ensure you're ready to register & apply for certification.  
  • Capability Statement Reviews:  Maximize your first impression with the Government and ensure the info Federal decision-makers want and need to see is included.  

Coaching / Mentorship Packages

For Businesses or Individuals

Coaching and in-depth discussion on specific acquisition topics of your choice. ​

NOTE: Businesses are limited to not more than two participants.

Package of five 30-minute sessions -- $750.00
Package of five 1-hour sessions -- $1350.00
Ask Us About 

Policy Research


Retainer Agreements

Instructor-Led Acquisition Training for Government or Industry

Small Business

Advocacy Support

Please note that FedSubK does not provide business development, marketing,

capture, or proposal / quote preparation services unless noted above.


Advice, coaching, and agreements provided by FedSubK do not constitute nor create a binding legal or fiduciary responsibility between FedSubK and the User/Client. Users/Clients are always advised by FedSubK to consult an attorney for such matters.

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